Respite Care for Carers

Respite Care for Carers

Respite Care for Carers

Francis House Provides Respite Care for Carers in Bedfordshire

In the UK right now there are just under 7 million people who are caring for family members or friends. That’s 1 in 8 people who are looking after a partner with dementia, a child with learning difficulties, or parents with physical disabilities. Research shows that the need for carers is going to grow considerably over the next 30 years, to a figure of around 10 million.

The economic value carers’ contribution is estimated to be worth around £132 billion each year. The impact they have on the lives and well-being of those they care for is immeasurable. But carers are a finite resource. Being a carer for someone you love takes a huge toll, both emotionally and physically. Respite care for carers allows a breathing space for both carers and those they care for.

What is Respite Care?

“Respite care, or restorative care as I think it is perhaps more aptly named, is when a family carer takes a break from supporting their loved one and someone else takes over their caring role.”

Beth Britton

Respite care differs according to the needs and circumstances of the carer, and the person they care for. The NHS lists 6 different kinds of respite care – although there are undoubtedly more:

  • Day Care Centres
  • Home care provided by professional carers
  • A brief stay in a residential care home
  • Friends or family stepping in
  • Respite holidays
  • Sitting services

Professional Home Care or Sitting Service from Francis House Homecare

Francis House Homecare provides respite services across Bedfordshire. Our aim is to support people in need of care, and their carers, to live independently in their home environment. In order to achieve this, we provide hourly care, live-in care, and a sitting service all of which can happen as a ‘one off’ or regularly to provide respite care to carers.

  • Hourly Home Care. Provided by professional carers who have the experience and skills to adapt to a range of environments and needs. All our care packages are created in consultation with clients and their carers. We can schedule care when you need it.
  • Live-In Care. A professional carer lives in the home of their client and offers the support they need to live independently in familiar surroundings. The tasks carried out by the carer are determined in consultation with carers and clients. Live-in care can be for a few days, or it can be more long-term.
  • Sitting Service. Clients often benefit from new company, which is what a sitting service provides. Our professional carers will spend time with the person being cared for, whilst carers take a few hours away. We can also provide overnight sitting services for loved ones coping with dementia, for example.


About Francis House Homecare

Francis House Homecare provides personalised care for people from 18 years onwards, including the elderly. Our staff are compassionate professionals who are trained in a range of specialisms, including: dementia care, challenging behaviour, medication management, stoma care and PEG feeding. We are available for as little as 30 minutes, and up to 24 hour caring packages.

Would you like to speak to someone at Francis House Homecare about respite care? For an informal chat, call us today on 01234 841808