PEG Tube Nursing Care Bedfordshire

Francis House Homecare provides PEG tube nursing care to clients in their own homes. By doing so, we fulfil our aim to help people maintain their independence and well-being by living in the environment of their own choosing.

Each of our clients requiring PEG tube nursing care is individually assessed, and a tailored intervention plan is developed for them. This is carefully monitored by trained carers to ensure that the plan is adhered to and regularly reviewed.

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What is a PEG Tube?

PEG stands for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy. It is a flexible feeding tube which is inserted into the stomach via the abdominal wall. The tube allows fluids, medications or nutrition to be sent directly to the stomach without using the mouth or oesophagus.

PEG tubes are used for people who are having difficulty with the eating, nutritional intake or swallowing. Often they are fitted to help patients recovering from a stroke. They can also be used where someone has is little or no appetite.

Specialist PEG Tube Nursing Care

Specialist PEG Tube Nursing Care

The aim of Francis House carers is to ensure that our clients continue to live an independent life whilst receiving PEG tube care. Daily intake of food, fluid or medication is carefully prescribed and monitored. Our carers can work alongside family members to manage PEG tube feeding. Or we can take care of it for you.

Our carers are carefully trained professionals, and an important part of their work is to provide companionship and support. They’ll always take the time to have a conversation, check in on how you’re feeling generally, and ensure that you’re comfortable.

Person-Centred Care From Francis House

All our carers are trained to care for the person, not the symptoms they treating. You can be sure that a Francis House carer will recognise the unique qualities of the person they are caring for, and will treat them with compassion, empathy and respect.

Your PEG tube nursing care will take into account our client’s life to date, their achievements, beliefs and preferred lifestyle. We always try to match our homecare clients with carers who are a good match, and are best placed to build a good relationship.

Person-Centred Care

Our Services

Francis House hourly care services for Bedfordshire are designed to support adults who want to retain their independence. All our services are delivered by trained carers. Where specialist care for dementia, medication management, PEF tube nursing or stoma care is required, the carers provided will be appropriately trained and experienced in their delivery. The personalised hourly care services we offer are delivered subject to a care plan assessment.

Care Services:

Managing medication

Personal care and grooming

Help with getting ready for the day or retiring to bed

Live-in care

Sitting service

Care during the night

Preparing meals

Laundry and cleaning tasks

Monitoring of nutritional intake

Specialist feeding through PEG


Social outings and companionship

To find out more about PEG Tube Nursing Care in Bedford, call Francis House Homecare today on 01234 841808 

specialist care givers

Why Choose Francis House Homecare?

The Care Quality Commission recognises Francis House Homecare to be a provider that offers consistently good service to our clients. We take our responsibilities as care givers working with vulnerable people extremely seriously, and we are proud of the reputation we have built locally for being second-to-none providers of domiciliary care.

Every Francis House care worker completes mandatory training when starting work with us. They are then required to take ongoing supplementary course every year. We offer specialist training in a number of areas, including: PEG tube feeding, autism, stoma care, dementia, and managing challenging behaviour. Staff can also take courses related to specific mental health conditions, and Positive Behaviour Support planning.