How to Pay for Care

how to pay for care at francis house homecare in Bedfordshire

How to Pay for Care

Live-in Care Costs

Here at Francis House Homecare, we offer a range of affordable & tailored live-in care packages in Bedfordshire. However, there are just as many ways to pay for care & receive funding, to help with live-in care costs. Our bespoke live-in care packages start from £1050 a week, with no hidden fees for weekends/holidays. This option is more cost-effective than more traditional methods of care, with the price varying depending on the intensity of the care required, to ensure every need of the client is met & the highest level of care is provided. Everyone is worthy of care, support & companionship no matter your wealth, so its important to know & understand what funding you’re entitled to, to get you on your way to great care!

Help with Funding

Getting an understanding of what you’re entitled to & how to claim benefits/funding, particularly elderly benefits, can be pretty daunting. There are various ways to receive funding or help paying for care, such as:

  • Full/partial funding from your local council
  • NHS funding
  • Downsizing, equity release, life-time mortgages or home reversion plans.

The Francis House Homecare family are here with you every step of the way. So we’ve devised a 4-step plan to guide you in claiming the most amount of money you’re entitled to.

Our 4-Step Plan to Pay for Care

Researching & applying for care funding for the first time may seem quite overwhelming. It may be difficult knowing where to start. So let us guide you with our 4-step strategy to help you access the money & care you’re entitled to.

1. Know the benefits you’re entitled to

These are the easiest ways to maximise your income. There is little trouble in applying & more people are eligible than claim. Benefits such as attendance allowance, pension credit & council tax rate relief can all help fund the care you want.

Find more help here:

Citizen Advice – Benefits

Age UK – Benefits Calculator

2.  Check your eligibility for NHS funding

NHS funding is probably the more trickier option. However, should you qualify, then you could get your full care costs covered! You will firstly need to speak with your GP, requesting an NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist. This is a quick screening test to see if you qualify for a full assessment. This particular funding isn’t means tested, so your current financial situation isn’t taken into account.

3.  Access local authority care funding

The majority of people fund their care with support from their local council. However, it’s best you seek NHS funding first, as a referral from the NHS may increase your chances of receiving care funding. This process begins with a care needs assessment, then a financial assessment. In England, you’ll be considered for some care funding if you own less than £23,250 in liquid assets. You’ll also be in control of how you wish to spend your money, as this kind of funding is paid directly into your bank.

You may also find home adaptation funding helpful from your local authority, no matter your financial situation. To make your home suitable for a homecare set-up, you can upgrade your home without a pay-out of up to £1,500.

4.  Funding care with savings & assets

If you’re unfortunately not able to get any benefits or funding from the methods mentioned previously, then you can use liquid assets, or use a broad range of financial products available, to help you pay for care. You may also research into downsizing your property, releasing equity, looking at life-time mortgages or check-out home reversion plans.

Our Francis House Homecare team can offer advice & tips regarding financial products for those opting for live-in care or our other homecare services. You’ll be suprised at how affordable our homecare services are! Give us a call at 01234 841808 for more advice, support & guidance or request a call back below.