Live-In Dementia Care in Milton Keynes

Dementia impacts an individual’s ability to plan effectively, think rationally, and communicate clearly. This leads to forgetfulness and confusion, making the likelihood of accidents in the home more likely. And yet, remaining in familiar surroundings is undoubtedly beneficial for dementia sufferers.

Francis House Homecare provides specialist live-in dementia care in Milton Keynes. This helps people with Alzheimer’s, Lewy body dementia and vascular dementia to achieve a good quality of life, and a sense of  security and safety. With our support, dementia sufferers live independently at home for longer.

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What is Specialist Live-In Dementia Care?

Francis House live-in carers offer specialist care, 24 hours a day, to their dementia clients. The goal is to maintain their safety within the home environment, and offer ongoing support. We create a profile for each of our clients which includes a record of their professional life, interests and hobbies, and their aspirations. We will always prioritise the person, rather than the symptoms.

Our carers monitor symptoms, medications, sleep, mood and diet as well as engaging clients in conversation, memory recall and activities that have a particular resonance for them. They’ll make sure that they get regular outdoor exercise and remain hydrated at all times.

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Working With Families

We tend to become involved with a client at the moment their families recognise that they need extra help and support. Introducing professional care into the home requires sensitivity, patience and time. We work with families to ease the transition, and ensure we’re complementing their ongoing care.

Dementia is a progressive condition, so planning for the future is an important part of client care. Rather than reacting to new symptoms as they occur, we help clients and families to plan ahead.

Live-In Care When It’s Needed

Many of the clients we work with in Milton Keynes are cared for by a family member, partner or friend. The dedication and quality of care is often exceptional, but it’s also exhausting and draining. We would always recommend regular short breaks which can replenish the energies of both the carer and the person they’re caring for.

Francis House Homecare can provide respite live-in dementia care in Milton Keynes, as well as long-term care. Knowing that your loved one is well cared for means that you can make the most of your break, and return restored at the end of it.

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Our Services

Francis House live-in dementia care services are designed to support the well-being of dementia clients in their own home. Our dementia services are provided by specialist carers who have the training and experience to deliver care at every stage of dementia.

Managing medication

Personal care and grooming

Help with getting ready for the day or retiring to bed

Live-in care

Sitting service

Care during the night

Preparing meals

Laundry and cleaning tasks

Monitoring of nutritional intake

Specialist feeding through PEG


Social outings and companionship

To learn more about our specialist live-in dementia care in Milton Keynes, call Francis House Homecare today on 01234 841808

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Why Choose Francis House Homecare?

Francis House is recognised as delivering care of a consistently good quality by the Care Quality Commission. All our carers have as their goal the provision of high-quality care for dementia clients, and the development of a professional relationship founded on empathy, compassion and respect.

Our specialist care workers receive ongoing training in dementia care, and managing challenging behaviour.