Live-In Care Milton Keynes

Francis House Homecare carers provide a range of high-quality services to people requiring support to continue living at home. Our live-in care for Milton Keynes clients is founded on professional skills, compassion and kindness. That’s why we take care to match our carers to our clients, in order that a trust-based relationship can evolve.

The care plans we put in place are developed with the input of our clients, and are bespoke to their specific requirements. In each case they reflect the level of care and support required to ensure client confidence and independence. Risk assessments are carried out regularly so that adjustments can be made when necessary.

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What is Live-In Care?

The goal for live-in care is to offer the appropriate level of support to people living in their own homes. The range of services offered to each client will be different, dependent on their specific needs. One person may mostly need support with their cleaning, cooking or shopping. Whilst another may have more complex care needs, requiring medication management, or PEG feeding.

Francis House Homecare carers make life as stress-free and comfortable as we can for those who may have survived a stroke, have arthritis, diabetes, mobility issues, arthritis, dementia, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis or a physical/mental disability. Our service is available for individuals or couples.

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Person-Centred Care

Personalised care is what Francis House Homecare is all about; we place the individual at the centre of all the services we offer. Our carers are chosen on the basis that they respect our clients as unique individuals, recognising and taking interest in their life, their achievements and their goals. Our aim for each client is that they should enjoy the present and plan for the future.

“That is the essence of personalisation – tailoring care and support to what individuals choose as a means of helping them to live their normal life. People don’t want to be defined by their condition – they are not “suffering from dementia” or “autistic” or “subject to multiple co-morbidities”. They are, first and foremost, individuals with very personal hopes, fears, aspirations and relationships.”
Voice, Choice & Control

End of Life and Palliative Care

Specialist carers provide live-in care to clients who wish to remain in their own homes until the end of their lives. Our aim is always to give them the support they need in the time they have left to spend with family or friends. We work in collaboration with district nurses, the continuing healthcare team and PEPS, the Partnership for Excellence in Palliative Support.

Live-In Care in Milton Keynes offers families a strong support structure during a difficult time. Often our carers will find themselves taking care of the practical tasks in the home in order to allow friend and families to focus their attention on their loved one.

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Live-in Care Services for Milton Keynes

Our live-in care services are designed to support people who wish to remain in their own home. They are provided by trained carers who are able to support people in different conditions and environments. The availability of personalised care services is subject to a care plan assessment.

Managing medication

Personal care and grooming

Help with getting ready for the day or retiring to bed

Live-in care

Sitting service

Care during the night

Preparing meals

Laundry and cleaning tasks

Monitoring of nutritional intake

Specialist feeding through PEG


Social outings and companionship

To find out more about our live-in care services for Milton Keynes, take a look at our FAQs or call Francis House Homecare today on 01234 841808

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Why Choose Francis House Homecare?

Our commitment to continuously high-quality services is demonstrated by our Care Quality Commission report. We are recognised as providers of a consistently good service.

Francis House Homecare carers undergo mandatory initial training, and then complete ongoing supplementary courses throughout the year. Specialist training may include: stoma care, managing challenging behaviour, autism, dementia, PEG feeding. Training is also provided for Positive Behaviour Support planning, and specific mental health conditions.