Learning Disability Care Bedfordshire

Across the UK there are around 1.5 million people who have a learning disability. This has a huge impact on their lives, and on the lives of their family who often become their main carers. At Francis House Homecare we support individuals who are autistic or have Down’s Syndrome, to live independent fulfilled lives. In doing so, we also support their families who want the best for them.

The learning disability care we offer across Bedfordshire reflects our clients’ needs. We’re a ‘person-centred’ organisation which means that we support individuals, rather than their symptoms. All our learning disability care packages are created with input from clients and their families, to ensure they have as much control over their lives as possible.

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Learning Disability Care at Home

As a learning disability care provider, our goal is to support individuals to live their lives as independently as possible, in an appropriate environment. The home care support our trained care assistants are able to offer includes: the preparation of meals, accompanying clients to work-related appointments or social events, symptom management, medication management and therapeutic engagement.

Kindness and compassion is at the heart of all we do. Our professional carers will respect the work already being done by family members and will provide input which enhances existing care. Clients and family members are included in the design of care packages.

Live-in learning disability Care in Bedfordshire

Live-in Care in Bedfordshire

A carefully chosen carer who is available around the clock, can make a huge difference to the life of someone with autism, or learning difficulties. Live-in care maintains the familiarity of a home environment, whilst providing specialist, tailored support. The peace of mind that comes from having a reliable presence in the home, helps clients to live independently and confidently.

Live-in care can be used as a short-term solution for families to take a break. For long-term live-in care Francis House matches carers carefully and introduces them to clients who will need to feel at ease with them living in the house. We take the process slowly to ensure we have a sustainable care situation.

Residential Learning Disability Care in Bedfordshire

We have two residential homes in Bedford, located in quiet residential streets. Both homes offer 24 hour services to people who require a high level of support and care in order to live rewarding and semi-independent lives in the community.

All clients who are referred to our residential accommodation have a pre-admission assessment and they are then admitted at a pace that is right for them. Once they are moved in, each individual is allocated a Key Worker who works with them on the formulation of a care plan.

Residential Learning-Disability Care in Bedfordshire

Our Services

Francis House Homecare specialises in supporting people with learning difficulties, Down’s Syndrome, autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. This includes those who may have a dual diagnosis or co-existing mental health problem. Our expertise extends to those who may also have a history of non-engagement with services, pose an increased risk to themselves or others, or who may have substance misuse problems.

For those with challenging behaviour, we can provide 24 hour support to enable them to live in their own home in the community - instead of expensive inpatient and specialist care

Support with medication management including dealing with side-effects

Monitoring of service users' mental health or other conditions, and help to manage symptoms

Effective management of the negative and positive symptoms associated with psychosis, such as self-neglect, an inability to self- motivate, self-isolation paranoid ideation, persecutory thoughts and anti-social behaviour

Support from specialist rehabilitation workers to assess functions and promote skills acquisition, for example, employment-seeking skills

Deep cleaning sessions to enable individuals to live well or move back home from hospital

Respite – We can provide as little as half an hour to enable carers to take a break

Assessing and managing risk across all areas including environmental

Assistance with personal care such as dressing, bathing and eating

Support with social activities and companionship such as attending clubs and meetings

Support with accessing community resources and services such as a GP

Support with practical activities including paying bills and preparing and cooking meals

To learn more about our Learning Disability care services in Bedfordshire, call Francis House Homecare today on 01234 841808 

Trained Carers

Why Choose Francis House Homecare?

Our Care Quality Commission report recognises Francis House Homecare to be a provider that offers consistently good service to our clients. We have a good reputation for taking our responsibilities seriously, and we take pride in the level of care we provide for our clients across Bedfordshire.

Every Francis House care worker completes mandatory training when they begin work with us. Subsequently they are mandated to complete a supplementary training course each year. We provide specialist training in a number of areas, including: Positive Behaviour Planning, PEG feeding, autism, stoma care, dementia, and managing challenging behaviour. Staff can also take courses related to specific mental health conditions.