End of Life Care Bedfordshire

Most people, when asked where they would prefer to spend their final days, would choose to be at home, surrounded by their friends and family. Francis House Homecare wants those who are able to fulfil this choice to receive the care they need, to be comfortable, and to be afforded the compassion and dignity they deserve.

We provide palliative and end of life care to people across Bedfordshire. In collaboration with other services, such as the continuing healthcare team, district nurses and Partnership for Excellence in Palliative Support (PEPS), we ensure a calm, caring environment.

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What is the Difference Between
Palliative and End of Life Care?

Palliative care is part of end of life care. When someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness, their palliative care includes pain management and symptom management, but it also takes into account the needs of the whole person as they face the end of their life. End of life care helps you to live as well as possible in your final days or months and die with dignity.

End of Life Carers

The Role of End of Life Carers

Providing care for someone at the end of their life is a privilege. Our professional carers offer tailored support which may include cooking meals, personal care, cleaning and shopping. They are aware not only of the needs of their client, but also of their loved ones as they navigate this emotional experience. Tailored care plans may include:

  • Personal care and support – washing, continence, grooming, hydration and nutrition.
  • Practical support – cooking, shopping, cleaning and maintaining a calm environment.
  • Support for pain management.
  • Emotional support – being there to listen and respond compassionately.

Our Services

Francis House palliative and end of life services are available to anyone who has a terminal diagnosis. They are delivered by specialist carers who are able to respond sensitively and compassionately to the needs of their clients. All our care plans are person-centred and are delivered with care from the heart.

Managing medication

Personal care and grooming

Help with getting ready for the day or retiring to bed

Live-in care

Sitting service

Care during the night

Preparing meals

Laundry and cleaning tasks

Monitoring of nutritional intake

Specialist feeding through PEG


Social outings and companionship

To find out more about our end of life care in Bedfordshire, call Francis House Homecare today on 01234 841808

Types of End of Life Care in Bedfordshire

Palliative and end of life care takes many different forms. We can provide home care visits on a regular basis, 24-hour care to provide respite for family carers, or live-in care. We match our care provision to the circumstances. If those circumstances change, we can change with them, ensuring that regular and reliable support is always available.

Types of End of Life Care in Bedfordshire
Francis House Care Home Bedfordshire

Why Choose Francis House Homecare?

The Care Quality Commission report rates our services as consistently good. This reflects our commitment to our clients, and our ongoing recognition of the responsibility we bear as caregivers. We are dedicated to person-centred care as a collaborative partnership leading to enhanced wellbeing and standards for our clients.

The staff at Francis House Homecare complete mandatory initial training, and then receive ongoing specialist supplementary courses throughout their employment with us.