Domiciliary Care Bedford

Francis House Homecare provides person-centred domiciliary care for people who need support to continue living independently in their own home. Domiciliary care services are scheduled for set times during the week and the frequency can range from once every few days, to several times in the course of one day.

All domiciliary care plans are created with clients and are unique to them. Each element responds to a recognised need. Acknowledged risks – such as falls – are assessed regularly.

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What is Domiciliary Care

Domiciliary care (also known as hourly care) is an excellent solution for people who require some help in their home, but wish to retain their independence. Francis House professional carers personalise the support package provided to the needs of each client. It could be as little as a weekly housekeeping visit, or involve daily visits to prepare light meals, or help with personal care.

The domiciliary care provided by Francis House Homecare is tailored to both our client and their family. If you need overnight help with an elderly relative, for example, we can provide a ‘sitting service’ which ensures someone is on hand throughout, should there be a problem.

Person Centred Home Care

Person-Centred Home Care

Francis House places our clients at the heart of the domiciliary services we offer. We always take time to understand the whole person; their lives to date, their plans for the future and their unique achievements. Our approach is always to help people in the present moment in order that they can plan effectively for the future.

The simplest way to understand personalised care is to recognise that clients have their own views on what’s best for their health and well-being. Francis House care workers listen to clients, respect their wishes, and adapt the services we offer to meet their needs.

Clients With Learning Difficulties

Many of our clients have learning difficulties but are determined to be independent, and achieve the goals they set themselves. Our professional carers can help them to achieve this in a number of different ways. We can support clients on work placement, offering them the help they need to be able to work. Or we can help people to attend social events safely.

The support we offer is always tailored to an individual’s needs and we will always prioritise the meeting of personal aspirations.

Learning Difficulty Care

Our Services

Francis House domiciliary care services are available to support people to live the lives they want in their home. These are delivered by trained carers who have the versatility and expertise to successfully deliver care and support to people with a variety of conditions. The personalised care services provided are subject to a care plan assessment.

Managing medication

Personal care and grooming

Help with getting ready for the day or retiring to bed

Live-in care

Sitting service

Care during the night

Preparing meals

Laundry and cleaning tasks

Monitoring of nutritional intake

Specialist feeding through PEG


Social outings and companionship

To learn more about our domiciliary care services in Bedford, call Francis House Homecare today on 01234 841808 

Francis House Home Care Bedford

Why Choose Francis House Homecare?

We are recognised by the Care Quality Commission to be a provider offering consistently good service to our clients. We take our responsibilities as care givers working with vulnerable people extremely seriously, and we take pride in the recognition we’ve received for the quality of our work from the CQC.

Every Francis House care worker completes mandatory training when starting work with us. They are then required to take ongoing supplementary course every year. We offer specialist training in a number of areas, including: PEG feeding, autism, stoma care, dementia, and managing challenging behaviour. Staff can also take courses related to specific mental health conditions, and Positive Behaviour Support planning.